Classes are offered for children beginning at age 3, up to adults of all ages. Whether you or your child is interested in pre-professional training for a future career in dancing or wish to dance simply for the enjoyment and physical benefits, we have the professional staff to teach and train you. We offer classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, and tap. Adult ballet classes are available as well as Pilates classes. Classes are held during evenings and Saturdays, and additional daytime classes are available for adults.

Fall classes start August 23, 2021, except adult classes will start September 15, 2021. Students may enroll at anytime during the semester.

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Call or email to sign up. Complete your registration over the phone or in person at the studio. If you have questions or want a class that is not listed, also please contact us at 309-690-7990 or

Peoria Ballet is certified under the Restore Illinois standards. Please read below for important safety information. It is imperative that all students and their families follow our safety guidelines and protocols. Parents should carefully read and review these procedures with their children before starting classes.

Procedures at the studio

•    Drop your child off at the front door. Small children may be escorted inside to be checked in.

•    Students may wear a mask in the building if preferred by the family.  Masks are optional.

•    Students should use hand sanitizer upon entering the lobby and at the conclusion of class.

•    The drinking fountain is closed. Students should bring their own water bottle.

•    Students needing to use the bathroom must wash hands thoroughly with soap & water before returning to the studio.

At this time, parents and siblings are only permitted inside the studio to accompany young students or new students to class. Parents of young children may come inside the lobby to meet students after class. Otherwise, parents should wait outside the building for their child. For everyone’s safety, please help us limit the number of people inside the building! Also, we ask that everyone exercise extreme caution and reduce speed while in the parking lot.

Peoria Ballet will continue to update safety procedures as new directives become available from relevant authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Illinois. Peoria Ballet is committed to cleaning and disinfecting the studios, bathrooms, and lobby in compliance with CDC protocols. If you have any questions please email or call the studio during office hours.